خلوة الغلبان بعيدًا عن الأنظار

Why did I make this blog?

Hey fellow reader,

This is my first blog post here. I have been procrastinating making this blog for some years now. Always waiting for the right time, the right theme and platform….the excuses never end. Abruptly one day, I decided to go for a jekyll theme a friend recommended and just pour here what comes to my mind and I’d like to document just for myself as a form of a diary. I realized maybe the former reasons were just excuses for not starting the blog but where not actually what stopped me , it was another problem, which is the fear of actually coming out to the public and sharing those stuff about me. That’s when I internally realized I’m totally contradicting myself and a blog is not made for this purpose, but quite the opposite, it’s supposed to be my personal space where I express myself and document my stories for myself, as a form of time capsule, so I can look back and remember. So, this happened and I hope I enjoy the process and reflect on what I write here and that somehow someone might bump into it while aimlessly browsing the interwebs and it might add any value to them.

The Blog doesn’t have a specific category or purpose in the meantime while I’m starting it, but maybe this will change. so far, you can find topics to read through and it shall cover different aspects of my life, career and hobbies.

Buckle up!