خلوة الغلبان بعيدًا عن الأنظار

My first sunset in Germany and a new year's start

New year, new adventures, new challenges So, this year started with a lot of firsts for me : Relocating to a different city and living abroad, Living on my own and visitng Germany. I wanted a change of places and faces and it happened that I got accepted in a program in Munich for building digital products -> Digital Product School (DPS). an... Read more

Why did I make this blog?

Hey fellow reader, This is my first blog post here. I have been procrastinating making this blog for some years now. Always waiting for the right time, the right theme and platform….the excuses never end. Abruptly one day, I decided to go for a jekyll theme a friend recommended and just pour here what comes to my mind and I’d like to document j... Read more